Master of Arts in Anthropology

Our MA Anthropology is taught in English and combines the scholary traditions of British Social Anthropology and US-American Cultural Anthropology. It consists of three modules with a special emphasis on the ethnographic research (project course). The MA prepares you for an academic or applied career in an international professional field.

The regional research and teaching focus is sub-Saharan Africa supplemented by courses on Latin America, Oceania and South East Asia. Topical courses are centred on our research specializations in political anthropology, urban anthropology, visual studies, media anthropology, and medical anthropology. Globalization, inter- and transcultural studies as well as migration and social/ethnic conflicts are fundamentally part of these research fields.

The Master thesis can be based either on results of individual ethnographic fieldwork or on literature-based research. The majority of our MA students opt to develop further the research conducted in the framework of the project course and benefit from the acquired practical knowledge in anthropological methods and conceptual work. This proves to be a most beneficial experience which is furthermore highly valued by prospective employers.

An excellent Master degree can also open the way to a PhD and thus to a scientific career.


Study regulations and guidelines

Admission to the MA Anthropology program requires a BA degree in Anthropology/Ethnologie or an equivalent qualification. The acceptance of other degrees will depend on their recognition by the University of Basel.

The Rahmenordnung of the Philosophisch-Historische Fakultät at the University of Basel lists and regulates the basic conditions for all students who want to acquire a Master of Arts at the Fakultät.

The study regulations (Studienplan/Studienordnung) regulate the structure and content of the Master’s programme in Anthropology. The non-binding guidelines (Wegleitung) complement the study regulations with a more detailed description of the programme. The documents are available in German only.

Your questions and queries

If you have any questions relating to your MA studies in Social Anthropology, please first consult the FAQ [PDF (61 KB)] where you find answers to questions students have frequently posed over the past few years. If you can’t find an answer to your query, contact the secretary’s office. For questions that specifically relate to mobility (study abroad, Erasmus etc.), please contact Silke Oldenburg.


Studienplan MA [PDF (16 KB)] (start of studying autumn term 2013)

Studienplan MA [PDF (19 KB)]  (phasing out; start of studying before autumn term 2013)