Cameroon 2012/2013

Lecturers: Till Förster, Kathrin Heitz

The project course is an introduction to the methods and practice of ethnographic field research. The course starts in the autumn semester 2012 and ends in the spring term 2013. It deals with "Work and Social Practice in Cameroon". During the autumn term, students will look at work and social practice from a more theoretical perspective, while they write a literature review, develop their own research questions and prepare to conduct empirical research in Cameroon. The first semesters ends with the submission of a short research proposal of four to five pages, which will serve as a frame to the subsequent stay in Africa. Field research will be conducted from early January through mid-February 2013 in various parts of Cameroon. The spring term 2013 is dedicated to the analysis of the field data and the writing of the final report. The course is co-supervised by two anthropologists that have extensive field experience in Cameroon and elsewhere in Africa. They will advise the students and monitor their fieldwork during the time in the field.
Program of the field course  [PDF (41 KB)] [PDF/41 KB]

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All students are expected to participate in the fieldwork in Cameroon and in the second part of the course in the spring term 2013.