Ethnographic Research with Fieldtrip

The heart of the MA Anthropology in Basel is ethnographic research with a financially subventioned and guided fieldtrip. For example, project courses have involved research on poverty and wealth in Côte d'Ivoire, youth in urban Tanzania, art and articulation in South Africa or the notion of work in Cameroon.

During this course (2 semesters, 6 weeks of fieldwork abroad), the students will conduct their own research project guided by experienced researchers.  They will learn how:

  • to develop their own research questions according to their individual interests and job perspectives
  • to apply ethnographic research methods during a field trip of 6 weeks in one of the institute's research regions
  • to analyse the collected data and present the results in a report upon their return

Students who would like to conduct their own ethnographic research have to set up a Learning Contract. The same conditions apply as to the courses offered by the seminar: Preparation and project proposal,outlining the following points: research aims, current state of research, methods, timetable (detailed preparations and intended approach) as well as the expected results. A field trip of at least six weeks, evaluation and final report of ca. 25 pages. It should discuss if the methods have been applied successfully, what empirical results have been obtained and how they stand in relation to the project proposal. Whenever possible the students should participate in the methodological parts of the official courses.