Research Group Medical Anthropology (MARG)

The Medical Anthropology Research Group (MARG) is an interfaculty research group, linking the Institute of Social Anthropology and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH). The group engages with current debates in medical anthropology, general anthropology and public health through field research on everyday health practice, especially among adolescents and older persons, with a special interest in conceptions of the body, intergenerational and transnational care, migration, resilience and equity.
Advanced MA students, PhD candidates and post-docs at the Institute of Social Anthropology and Swiss TPH who work in the field of medical anthropology are automatically members of the research group. The group also has external affiliated members at the post-doc level, including MARG alumnae/alumni. Guests working in the field of Medical Anthropology are welcome to present their on-going research.
MARG organizes two business meetings a year and offers research seminars to discuss scientific publications and ongoing research projects of its members.
Prof. Dr. Brigit Obrist is the leader of the research group.