Project title Project management Persons involved
A comparative Interpretation of Peoples’ Movements: Actors, Democratic Imagination and Evolving Consciousness in India and South Africa Till Förster  
Art/articulations: Art and the formation of Social Space in African Cities Till Förster Franziska Jenni; Fiona Siegenthaler; Frederik Unseld
Corruption, Conflict and Cities in West and East Africa Till Förster Miriam Badoux; Aïdas Sanogo
Cotutelles de thèse, DK14/01 Till Förster  
Dissertation Buhl: lmages of Palliative Care in Tanzania - A Hospital-Ethnography in a Cancer Clinic in Dar es Salaam Brigit Obrist Andrea Buhl
Dissertation Koné: Interdits alimentaires et risques sanitaires: peurs, idéologies et déterminants socio-sanitaires des restrictions alimentaires chez des communautés en Côte d’Ivoire. Brigit Obrist  
Linking Sustainable Development, Equity and Health: Triggering Debates Brigit Obrist Piet Van Eeuwijk
Making the City: Agency, Social Space and Urbanity in Contested Cities Silke Oldenburg  
Making the City: Agency, Urbanity and Urbanisation in Ordinary Cities Till Förster Barbara Heer; Silke Oldenburg
Molecular, Clinical, and Anthropological Study of Unknown Fever: A Study of People with Wild Animal Exposure in Indonesia Piet Van Eeuwijk  
Participation in Social Health Protection: An Anthropological Case Study in Tanzania Brigit Obrist  
Surveillance and response to zoonotic diseases in Maya communities of Guatemala: A case for One Health    
The Mining Frontier under Construction: built environment, the body and sociality in the North-Western Province, Zambia Rita Kesselring  
Valueworks: Effects of Financialization along the Copper Value Chain Rita Kesselring  
Women’s political articulations in the Guinean city of Kankan Carole Ammann