Secretary’s Office

The secretary’s office is located on the first floor and is the first address for information on the Bachelor’s and Master’s programme in Social Anthropology and for help or advice in general.


Sandra Burri

Filomena Mazumdar


Photocopier and Course Reserve (Semesterapparat)

There is a photocopier for public use on the ground floor. The machine can only be operated with the UniPrint Card.

The course reserve (reserved reading list) is on specially assigned shelves in the reading room of the library.

Notice Boards

Information on events, conferences, open positions, etc. are posted on the notice board opposite the secretary’s office on the first floor of the building.
The notice board on the left side of the secretary’s office is used for information on the Bachelor’s and Master’s program.


There is WiFi access throughout the building. Login is possible via and your university e-mail account and password.

Support and Student Advice

The student advisor for the Bachelor programme is Dr. Silke Oldenburg and for the Master programme Prof. Dr. Brigit Obrist. For appointments please contact them directly via e-mail. Also, before making an appointment, browse the FAQ which lists questions that students have posed over the past few years and see whether you find an answer to your question.

If you are already enrolled in the BA or MA programme in Social Anthropology in Basel, you will have been assigned an advisor (typically a scientific assistant or a senior researcher). Please contact him or her for your queries. If you don’t know who your advisor is, contact the secretary’s office.

Student Mobility

General information on the various exchange programmes can be found here. For more detailed information on mobility for anthropology students please contact Dr. Silke Oldenburg. Please also check the FAQ for additional information.