Andrea Patricia Kaiser-Grolimund

PhD Student; Project Staff

Curriculum Vitae

Andrea Patricia Kaiser-Grolimund is assistant and PhD student at the Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Basel, Switzerland. She is currently conducting her PhD in the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF) funded research project with the title "Aging, Agency and Health in Urbanizing Tanzania", lead by Prof. Brigit Obrist. In her PhD thesis Andrea explores how people at the age of sixty years and above experience aging and health as expressed, for instance in living and care arrangements created in changing urban and transnational contexts. Furthermore, the study aims at examining forms of agency in response to problematic situations in every day life.
For her Master Thesis Andrea was conducting qualitative research in Togo on the influence of an inter-ministerial order on the movements of transhumant pastoralists arriving from the Sahel zone as well as on the effects for the local population in northern Togo. Andrea was teaching the exercise "Einführung ins wissenschaftliche Arbeiten" at the Institute of Social Anthropology, Basel in 2011 and 2010. She worked as an editing assistant for the "Living the City" volume and was in charge of the conference office for the conference "History of Health Care in Africa" at the Centre for African Studies, Basel in 2011.
From 2008 to 2009 Andrea was conducting a one-year internship at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute with a three months stay at the Centre Suisse de Recherches Scientifiques en Côte d'Ivoire.

Andrea studied African Studies (MA, 2010) and Social Anthropology and Law (BA, 2008) at the University of Basel, as well as Social Anthropology, Political Science and French at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland (September 2007 - January 2008, Swiss Mobility Program).

Focus in Research

Research areas:  
Health, Aging, Care, Agency, City, Transnationalism, Resilience, Gender

Regional focus:  
    •    East Africa
    •    West Africa

Field research:
    •    Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (April-October 2012, February-May 2013)
    •    Northern Togo (January-February 2009, January-February 2010)

Research Projects

    •    2012-2016: "Ageing, Agency and Health in Urbanizing Tanzania", funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation SNF (PhD thesis)
    •    2010: "Transhumance in Northern Togo: Effects of a New Inter-ministerial Order" (MA thesis)

Latest Publications

Kaiser-Grolimund, Andrea; Ammann, CaroleStaudacher, Sandra: Research Assistants: Invisible but Indispensable in Ethnographic Research, in: Tsantsa, 2016accepted, H. 21, S. 132-136. edoc (Open Access)
Staudacher, Sandra; Kaiser-Grolimund, Andrea: WhatsApp in Ethnographic Research: Methodological Reflections on New Edges of the Field, in: Basel Papers on Political Transformations, 2016, H. 10 Mobilities - In and out of Africa, S. 24-40. edoc (Open Access), URL
Kaiser-Grolimund, Andrea / Staudacher, Sandra: Program Brief: Ageing, Agency and Health . 2015 edoc (Open Access), URL

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