Miriam Badoux

PhD Student; Project Staff

Curriculum Vitae

Miriam Badoux is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Anthropology, University of Basel. She obtained her BA in History and French from the University of Fribourg and graduated in 2013 with a Master in African Studies at the University of Leipzig. For her Master's thesis, she conducted a four-month fieldwork in Cameroon, where she explored the dynamics of informality in the case of small-scale logging. Besides her studies, Miriam gained experience in the civil society sector, notably while interning and working in the Africa Department of Transparency International, in Berlin.

Miriam works within the SNF-funded research project "Corruption, Conflict and Cities in East and West Africa". She will conduct her fieldwork in Kenya, more specifically in the city of Eldoret.


Focus in Research

Research areas: politics, informality, corruption and anti-corruption, political ecology, forest governance
Regional focus: East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania), Central Africa (Cameroon)


Research Projects

2014-2017: "Corruption, Conflict and Cities in East and West Africa"
2012-2013: "Discourses and Practices of Informality: A Case Study of Small-Scale Logging in Cameroon" (MA thesis)





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