Dr. Lucy Koechlin

Senior Lecturer; Research Coordinator

Research Coordinator of SNSF-funded project "Corruption, Conflict and Cities in East and West Africa" (2014-2017)

Curriculum Vitae

Lucy Koechlin is a Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Basel, Switzerland. Currently, she is coordinating a research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation on "Corruption, Conflict and Cities in East and West Africa". She teaches a wide range of courses in development studies and political anthropology, and is co-editor of the Basel Papers on Political Transformation. Until 2009, Lucy was Head of Public Accountability at the Basel Institute on Governance (associated with the University of Basel), responsible for research and consultancies in the area of public governance and accountability systems. She has undertaken studies and evaluations for development agencies on governance issues, and conducted and facilitated workshops, seminars and training sessions on anti-corruption for the public sector, business and non-governmental organisations in Europe, Africa and Asia. Other relevant activities include Co-Director of Stream House, an international network of practitioners concerned with accountability (since 2012); and President of the Commission for Development Cooperation Basel Stadt (since 2013).

Lucy studied sociology, international law and political economy at the University of Basel (lic.phil., 1995), as well as Development Studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science (MSc, 1996). She obtained her PhD at the University of Basel (2010), exploring corruption and political order in Africa with a case study of governance reforms in Tanzania.

Focus in Research

Politics, political transformation, democratisation, emancipation, social agency, state and statehood, governance, corruption, conflict.

Regional focus:

Eastern Africa

Latest Publications

Koechlin, Lucy: Corruption, Conflict and Cities: Towards a Typology of Urban Political Articulations, in: Basel Papers on Political Transformations 9, 2015, S. 1-28. URL
Koechlin, Lucy: The Conceptual Polysemy of Governance, in: Koechlin, Lucy; Förster, Till (Hg.): The Politics of Governance: Actors and Articulations in Africa and Beyond, New York 2015, S. 1-23.
Koechlin, LucyFörster, Till (Hg.): The politics of governance : actors and articulations in Africa and beyond, 3, New York 2015 (=3). edoc, URL

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